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We have five key principles in place to ensure the security of your site.

Let's break them down:


The principle of deterrence involves amplifying the effectiveness of security measures by communicating them effectively. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of an attack by discouraging opportunist burglars and organized crime gangs from even attempting it. One way to achieve this is to avoid signposting key assets, such as high-value items and bikes in outbuildings, in ways that could help an attacker.


Place signs around the perimeter warning “keep out” to prevent triggering security systems but without providing any details of the system, CCTV, and alarm signage.

Detecting unauthorized intrusion within a site perimeter is a fundamental principle of security. This involves using systems and technologies that can identify intruders, track their movements, and maintain situational awareness. This helps the response team direct their resources effectively and respond quickly in case of an attack.

Example: Use free-standing perimeter intrusion detection systems, supported by CCTV and lighting, to detect an intruder within the site. Utilize supporting technologies to maximize the situational awareness of the response team.



The aim of delaying the progress of a forced attack during a burglary is to provide confusion and obstruction, slowing down the attacker’s progress and giving the response team more time to intervene. This principle involves implementing additional security measures within the perimeter, such as natural or man-made obstacles, to make it difficult for an attacker to reach their target.


Maximize the area between the perimeter and your assets. Use natural obstacles, such as gates, bollards, fencing, defensive planting, and man-made obstacles, to slow down the attacker’s progress.

Deny any potential attackers access to the inside of your property and the assets within. Most attackers gain entry to your property within the first minute. The principle is that the attacker will give up and move on to an easier target.

Example: Assess the risk versus reward by fitting only the best approved products on the market, such as window films, doors, locks, fogging units, and panic rooms. Criminals will move on from your property as the risk of being caught is high.



We here at HSC stay abreast of current burglary trends and new security products on the market. We attend national security events, seminars, and regularly engage in discussions with other security professionals around the country. By doing this, we understand the risks before they become mainstream methods of entry and apply measures to help prevent you from becoming a victim.


During the lockdown in 2019/2020, certain dog breeds became targets for criminals who were breaking into homes to steal family pets. French Bulldogs were selling for up to £6000 each. By knowing the risks and trends, we can help you stay safe, protect your family, and safeguard your possessions.